How to create YouTube videos that sell!

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Do you want to learn to make YouTube videos?
Already uploading videos for your company but not getting many views?
Learn how to create effective, value based videos that get results!

With YouTube being the #2 search engine on Google, videos are a golden opportunity to get exposure for your brand or product. Unfortunately, many people are going about it in the wrong way, which leaves them with a lot of videos that no one wants to watch.

In this workshop you will learn the essential ingredients for creating videos and get the chance to practice visual storytelling so that viewers want to share, engage and retell your message! We'll practically touch upon topics surrounding:

Content Creation
Delivering Value To Your Viewers
Video SEO
Delivering Enthusiasm
Call To Action
Video Promotion
Building Community & Subscribers

  • How to create YouTube videos that sell!


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An open incubator where ideas meet execution

A rising venture capitalist, Aaron Holiday has helped 7 startups raise more than $7M in seed stage capital over the past 9 months. After 6 years on Wall Street building financial trading technology for Goldman Sachs and disruptive technology for GFI Group, Aaron went on to receive an MBA from Cornell. As a lead for eLab, an early stage business accelerator, Aaron has advised companies that have gone on to accelerator programs such as Y-Combinator and Tech Stars. 

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