How to Start a Business using a Mac

, Chief Business Geek

* How to make money with your Mac.

* How to set up your business the right way the first time.

* How to implement your business plan and get your first customer.

* How to start a business in college, or open a medical or law office after college.

* How to use your Mac's built-in software to affordably advertise your business and attract new customers.

* And much, much more!

There are NO prerequisites for this class. Why? Because it is intended for those that have just an idea, but have no clue where to start and how to use the Mac to get it done.
  • How to Start a Business using a Mac


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    Coming Soon...

Kevin Cullis

Chief Business Geek

I wrote the book How to Start a Business: Mac Version as I was beginning to start my own business. Found out in my startup journey there is a lot of business "noise" and errors (both in real life and what you get from your college courses) that may not apply to you starting your own business.

Did you know that schools (high school, colleges and universities) teach you the craft of your business (writing, graphic art, medicine, law, engineering), but slim to no information about the business of your craft, how to make money doing what you love. I intend to change this with this class.

You can also visit my blog page that compliments the content of my book at, but with business and Mac knowledge.

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