How to Hire Developers in a Competitive Market

Having trouble finding developers in this challenging market?  Come and learn some tricks of the trade in hiring the best developers for your company.  In this 2-hour long workshop, you'll learn what a developer is looking for in an employer and how to recruit both passive and active candidates.  You'll leave with distinct take-aways on how to write a terrific job description and just how to recruit candidates (whether or not they're in the market for a new job).
Please bring any current job descriptions either you've placed or are thinking of placing.  We'll help you tweak them to speak to the audience you want!
Dinner will be provided! 
  • How to Hire Developers in a Competitive Market


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Jason Gelman

Jason is a real estate lawyer and entrepreneur. From 2005-2011, Jason was a lawyer focused on corporate real estate at two of the largest law firms in New York City. In this role, Jason represented clients in all stages of property development including lease negotiations, acquisitions and construction financing. After leaving the world of law, Jason moved on to tech, and co-founded Tembow, a content marketing service. Jason received his B.A. in Computer Science from Dartmouth College, and liking schools that start with a “D”, Jason earned his J.D. from Duke. Jason tweets about real estate and tech @jasonlgelman.

Alex Miller

Alex is an operations wiz. As VP of Operations, Alex has opened 5 offices for Stack Exchange in the last 2 years. In handling all of the space scouting, leasing negotiations, and floorplans, Alex discovered his love of commercial real estate. Prior to joining Stack Exchange, Alex worked for Yext, Jason Calacanis and Zeno Group. Alex earned his B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).

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