How to Find, Recruit and Hire the Best Technical People

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People always ask me, "how do you build a great team?" I tell them there are three steps:

1. Hire the absolute best people you can find

2. Give them everything they need to be successful

3. Get out of their way

In this class I'll teach you (at an actionable, tactical level) how to be great at Step 1. Everyone agrees how critical it is to hire a great team; but there are few opportunities to get the full body of information needed, with room for questions, start to finish, in one place. This is it!

I will go over the entire process from attracting talent (which is often a marketing problem), to engaging candidates over the Internet, to interviewing and collecting feedback, to salary and equity compensation, to closing, to "yes-to-desk" and getting the your hire ready to start.

This class is for hiring managers, startup founders, busy interviewers, closers, and recruiting/HR professionals. Most of the people I work with are leaders in startups/tech companies that need to hire more or better software engineers, but this advice is widely applicable, and best used in 'underdog' situations where you're competing with many other companies for the same talent.

Morgan Missen

Founder, Main

I'm based in San Francisco/Silicon Valley, where I recently founded Main, the first tech talent agency of its kind. There I advise engineers and tech 'intra'preneurs on their careers and consult for top venture-back startups while I work on a product launch. I've spent a lot of time in New York over the past year learning about startups and technology here.

Before Main I was a Head of Talent at Foursquare (and split time between San Francisco and New York), the first employee recruiter at Twitter, and spent several years at Google on its talent strategy team as an engineering and business operations recruiter. As a consultant, I've also hired engineers to Fortune 500 tech companies including Yahoo, Cisco, Oracle and EA.

For more info, you can follow @main or @mm on Twitter, or view some recent interviews below:

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