How to Fail Right with Your Business Idea (LEAN 202)

, CEO/Founder, Lean Startup Machine

"The minimum viable product is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort." -Eric Ries

Don't waste weeks or months on building something that nobody wants! Learn how to release quickly for the purpose of achieving a product-market fit.

Thousands of students have gone through the Lean Startup Machine workshops, where hundreds of teams developed and tested their minimum viable products (MVPs). Drawing on these examples and theoretical foundations from Eric Ries, Brant Cooper, Steve Blank, and others, this class will focus on dissecting how an MVP should be planned and executed to get the most effective and efficient learnings for your startup.

This class is the lecture-style pre-requisite for the consultation-based LEAN 302.

Learn successful MVPs from Lean Startup Machine:

  • How and why should MVP's be leveraged as part of the validated learning process?
  • What are the four most common types of MVP's that teams use at Lean Startup Machine?
  • What are some notable or creative examples from LSM?

Jeff Schroer attended Successful Minimum Viable Product Implementation (LEAN 302): “Ryan is a knowledgable and passionate instructor. I would absolutely recommend this class.”

While you can learn this material in the abstract, ideally you are currently working on a startup or have worked on a startup in the past.

Trevor Owens

CEO/Founder, Lean Startup Machine

Trevor is an entrepreneur and thought leader on Lean Startup methodologies. He's the Founder & CEO of Lean Startup Machine, an innovation training & software company that has helped thousands of startup founders and individuals from organizations including Google, Salesforce, News Corp, Intuit, and others, start hundreds of new businesses across six continents.

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