How the Internet Works

, Software Engineer and Programming Instructor.

We use the internet everyday to surf the web and send emails, but it's not obvious how those services (and the internet at large) actually work. 

In this class, we'll discuss the key concepts and technologies that power the internet, web surfing, and email. 

This class is for anyone with an interest in computer technology. 

Some concepts we'll discuss:

  • A brief look at how the internet came to be 
  • What the heck is "broadband"?
  • Ethernet Adapter Cards
  • Modems and Routers (the things your home internet provider installed)
  • A peek under the hood: the OSI Model 
  • What are Web Browsers and why do we need?
  • What are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?
  • What are IP addresses and domain names and who cares? 
  • What really happens when I visit
  • How does my email reach another person's inbox?
  • How do I set up my own website?
  • How the internet works


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Joel Kemp

Software Engineer and Programming Instructor.

I'm a Software Engineer and Programming Instructor based out of New York.

I was born to teach. I have been showing adults and children how to program computers since 2008 both at the university level (NYU and CUNY) and privately.

As an educator, I have received stellar feedback scores from fellow professors and students. I take the craft of teaching very seriously and offer world-class instruction to my students.

In addition to teaching, I was the lead front-end engineer at YouNow and worked at Codecademy.

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