How To Transition From Finance Into Tech

, Director of User Acquisition at HowAboutWe

Looking for jobs in tech is totally different than the completely streamlined process for corporate recruiting. In this class, you'll learn everything I wish I had known when I made the move, including:

  • How to network effectively to understand the companies and roles you'd be interested in
  • How to engage with the companies you're interested in
  • Understand what skill sets you bring to the table that are really valuable to a startup (and which ones less so)
  • How to evaluate different offers and opportunities you get

Materials: I would recommend pen and paper, but nothing required.

Prep: the more specific you can be about the types of companies you'd be interested in working with and the roles you'd be interested in, the better. Bonus points if you have a Twitter and Tumblr account before taking the class.

  • How To Transition From Finance Into Tech


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Kate Huyett

Director of User Acquisition at HowAboutWe

Transitioned into user acquisition at a startup after 5 years in finance and am now working as the head of customer acquisition & business intelligence at

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