How To Be Black: An Interactive Case Study in Digital Branding

, Founder at Cultivated Wit

You want to expand your online presence. How do you build a community and keep them engaged?  


Learn how to most effectively leverage social networking to tell your story and establish ties with a broad user group.   


The class will begin with a lecture followed by a workshop and conclude with Q&A from the audience.   


Bring your own project, regardless of its development stage, to workshop with others. You’ll leave with a better understanding of engaging community, expanding your impact, oh and also blackness.  

  • How To Be Black: An Interactive Case Study in Digital Branding


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Baratunde Thurston

Founder at Cultivated Wit
Baratunde Thurston is a politically-active, technology-loving comedian from the future. He co-founded the black political blog, Jack and Jill Politics and serves as Director of Digital for The Onion. He has written for Vanity Fair and the UK Independent, hosted Popular Science’s Future Of on Discovery Science and appears on cable news regularly to say smart things in funny ways. Then-candidate Barack Obama called him "someone I need to know." Baratunde travels the world speaking and advising and performs standup regularly in NYC. He resides in Brooklyn, lives on Twitter and has over 30 years experience being black. His first book, How To Be Black, will be published in February 2012 by Harper Collins.
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