High Performance Websites

So you've got a web site, or even a web application, now you want to make it better, faster, more robust; awesome! During this class we will review and play with concepts that can do just that.

We will be covering performance issues around:

  • Javascript and AJAX
  • CSS, Sprites, etc
  • Caching
  • Page Load times
  • Content Distribution
We will be using serveral tools to help us along the way. You should familiarize yourself with Firebug or the Chrome Debugger before coming to this class.
At the end of this class you should be able to recognize areas where performance improvements can be made, and how to make them!
  • High Performance Websites


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Colin McLeod

I've been building websties for a long time, working for a number of companies. I hold 2 degrees in Software Engineering and have spent the majority of my career working on web applications or internet facing services and have worked across the whole stack.

My current position focuses on improving the performance and scalability of an eCommerce site, while developing new features.

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