Hello, World: Learn to Program in 120 Minutes

, Director of Community @ FirstMark Capital

Who is this class for?
This class is designed for people who have absolutely no experience with programming, but would like to learn about it. The class will be a hands-on, practical primer designed to get you writing useful code as quickly as possible.

What will I learn?
The class will be taught in Javascript, the language that makes web pages dynamic. You'll learn:

  • How variables are used to store and manipulate information.
  • How to take data input from a user, perform calculations on the data, and present output to a user.
  • How to work with functions, which are reusable modules of code.
  • How control structures work, like the if-then statement, which is used to make decisions in code.

What should I bring?
The class is structured as an interactive tutorial, so bring a laptop. You don't need any special software -- just a text editor and web browser. Other than that, you'll just need your sense of humor and a little bit of patience.

  • Hello, World: Learn to Program in 120 Minutes

    Skillshare HQ

    407 Broome St. 5th Fl
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    Thu, March 1st, 2012

    6:30 pm - 8:30 pm EST

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Dan Kozikowski

Director of Community @ FirstMark Capital

I’m the Director of Community at FirstMark Capital. I’ve taught nearly 400 students on Skillshare and am a Master Teacher, a distinction which only a small group of teachers have. My class topics range from SQL intro classes to workshops on learning to code in 120 minutes. You can read my 100+ student endorsements here. I taught myself to code in high school, then majored in computer science (and TA'd intro to CS) in college. Then I forgot most of it. Then I started coding again and got most of it back. Also, I love to teach.

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