Hacking an Internet of Communities

, Inducer of a more authentic on and offline world

Whether your world is business development or website design, your job is to position your product so that it makes life as easy as possible for your users' lives. Figuring this out can be very challenging.

In this class, we'll look at how the technology or social change you're interested in is best framed by the culture of the communities who will be using it. If, as Kevin Kelly posts in his 2007 TED talk about an internet of things, 'our environment becomes the web,' then this web of people, places and things will ultimately form around real communities. We'll discuss how to 'hack' a community of interest offline using four (4) on and offline strategies.

  • Hacking an Internet of Communities


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Katie Johnson

Inducer of a more authentic on and offline world
Katie Johnson received a degree in Environmental Science from Mills College in 2009. A resident of San Francisco, Katie's primary interest is how peer to peer marketplaces are creating meaningful and sustainable change and has consulted for several tech start-ups in this space. While an undergraduate at Mills College, Katie 'hacked' her college community to start a public transportation program for Mills students currently valued at $3.5M by using several on and offline strategies. Katie is passionate about empowering others to make a positive impact on their world by sharing her knowledge and experience in creating change.
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