Going from HTML to Javascript

, Behance Chief of Development

The web is picking up Javascript faster than ever - from form validation to chatrooms. Without Javascript, all the best features you see on the web wouldn't exist. If you want to make a website worth using, you need to get started somewhere. My class will take you from knowing zero to using Javascript in practical ways on your website.

As the title would suggest, all you need to know is HTML/CSS. As per some feedback, my next class will definitely have some "cheat sheets" to help you understand my fast-talking better :)
  • Going from HTML to Javascript

    Code and Theory

    575 Broadway 5th Floor
    New York, NY

    We'll be going over the very basics of JavaScript to get you started using it on your own. I use jsfiddle.net for the exercises so you should bring a laptop, iPad, or whatever else is conevnient to use a website on. 

    Thu, August 16th, 2012

    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

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Dave Stein

Behance Chief of Development

I've been making websites for 14 years with heavy PHP for ten and Javascript the last four. Three years ago I helped create the Behance Network with a small, talented team. My main focus was the project editor which I have been improving ever since. The editor allows users to easily upload their work to a portfolio along with some custom styling via widgets as well.


More recently I architected and programmed the bulk of Javascript for ProSite with an ever-growing team. ProSite is a website-builder which gives users full control of their website using a GUI without one page refresh and zero flash. Doing these projects and working with a great team has made my JS quickly grow from amateur to professional level in this short time.

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    Code and Theory

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