Get Your Data On: Data and Analytics for Startups

, Data Scientist at SuperBetter Labs

In this world of big data, the startups that stay ahead of the curve using data insights will have the best chance of survival and success. But, while everyone talks about the importance of being data driven, what does it mean specifically? Where should you start?
Sit tight, this class will break the big data mystery down into a digestible survey of the landscape, from SQL to predictive models, and will also dive into specific examples of common data techniques like funnel analysis and A/B testing. Beyond that we will discuss the following topics:
- How data can inform each team, from product to marketing
- Data tools and resources (for engineers and non-engineers)
- Tips for creating a data driven culture
- Common data errors to avoid
You'll leave this class understanding what it means to be data driven and knowing where to start with your company, whether you're an entrepreneur wanting to set the foundation for a data informed culture, or an established startup wanting to optimize your product for success!
  • Get Your Data On: Data and Analytics for Startups

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    Wed, August 8th, 2012

    6:30 pm - 8:00 pm PDT

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Rose Broome

Data Scientist at SuperBetter Labs

Rose combines her love of data with the power of technology to create health, happiness, and positive transformation in the world. As the Data Scientist at SuperBetter Labs, she hunts for meaning in data sets small and large, conducts research with academic partners, and designs data visualizations to inspire the community. Previously at Inigral Inc., Rose pioneered research connecting social network data to student success outcomes for top US universities. She also served as a data manager for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign forming San Francisco’s 200+ person data team. 

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