Garage to Market: Hands-on Workshop with Sifteo

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So many great DIY projects never reach a mass audience! What are the steps, resources needed, and pitfalls between your project and mass scale? We'll look at how Sifteo did it, and how the lessons learned might apply to your idea. Talk will include a Sifteo case study and interactive demo and workshop.

You will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to pick up your day pass for Maker Faire Bay Area. The GE Garage is located by the East Gate ticket entrance.
  • Garage to Market: Hands-on Workshop with Sifteo


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GE Garages

GE Garages

This manufacturing co-lab celebrates technologists, entrepreneurs and everyday people with a one-of-a kind opportunity to discover modern prototyping and manufacturing processes, collaborate in hands-on workshops, participate in specialized manufacturing training and education, and learn from guest speakers.

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