Fundraising Deckathon: Full Day Workshop to Create A Top VC Pitch

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If you are going to prepare yourself to pitch to investors in the next 2-3 months and have a limited budget, this bootcamp is for you! I will not leave the room until we all feel that we have our deck 90% VC-ready. 

Join me in a private group setting for one full day of intensive (and fun) training that will help you propel your investor presentation to the next level. We will call this event a deckathon because we founders deserve our own term for these events, like hackers have for theirs!!

My methods  give you practical tools that fit together -- it's a system that makes sense, as you some of you have experienced in my popular Fundraising class, and that I have also tested at Stanford. Plus, we will have a great team of mentors joining us throughout the day:

  • A partner from The Founder Institute
  • A former Bain consultant and current entrepreneur
  • A copywriter to make your language crisp as a Mad Men ad
  • A product designer who will challenge your competitive differentiation and market positioning 
  • A VC that knows the seed stage

This event will be capped at 7 companies so that you will all have time to present in front of everybody else and receive attention from me as well as the other founders in the room. Thus, it is open to companies of different stages and background with great founders. After our workshop, you will need only some design work, brushing up on data, etc. Thus, the workshop will go as follows:

  • You present to the rest of the group a section of your deck
  • We provide feedback and extract value from your content
  • You rework it under my guidance and benefit from the feedback of your peers


For the ticket price mentioned above, you can come by yourself or bring your cofounder if that brings value to your pitch and so that you can work on demos. I tend to think that it is better if only one person per company comes, as it brings more focus, but the decision is yours. After you buy your ticket, you need to fill out this form ( that I can be better prepared to help you on the day of. 

Tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided!

In terms of requirements, you will need to bring a first draft of your slide deck. A spreadsheet with a business plan will work as well. Ideally, you will use the methodology we discussed in my Fundraising class or at Bring a sense of how much money you would raise if you could and what would you use it on.

Below is the agenda for the day: 

8:30–11:30am: Problem, Solution & Demo.

  • We will delve into what problem you are solving, how big the market is, and how your product solves this problem.

12p-1pm: Lunch.

  • We will order from GrubHub/Seemless. 
  • We might have a special guest then who will talk about Slide design. 

1-4pm: Go To Market Strategy, Business Model & Traction.

  • We tear apart your go to market strategy and how you pitch it to investors. (This is my favorite part!)

4:30-6:30pm: Unfair Advantage.

  • We go over Competition, Technology, and Team slides

6:30pm – 7:30pm: Dinner.

  • Grubhub or Seemless part 2 (It's on me again!)

7:30pm – 9:30pm: Milestones and financials.

  • Pretty self-explanatory, right?

9:30-11pm: For those who are courageous: networking, polish slides, Q&A.

  • That’s a long day of work, learning and fun in a friendly environment!

Tickets are non-refundable. 

  • Fundraising Deckathon: Full Day Workshop to Create A Top VC Pitch


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