From N00b to Tech CEO : All the programming that you need to know

By ·Director of Product Engineering @ Sailthru + Frame

Do you want to learn how to analyze your tech ideas to understand if they are feasible/how much time or people they require? Are you a business co-founder looking for a tech co-founder and want to impress them with your grasp on programming? Or are you looking to better communicate with your engineers and understand how they come up with estimates for various features? This is the class for you.

You'll learn about the basic programming concepts - loops and conditionals, we'll briefly cover how web applications are built (web stacks), and we'll go through an exercise of using that knowledge to analyze what would be required conceptually to build various ideas/features pitched by you. No technical experience necessary.

  • From N00b to Tech CEO : All the programming that you need to know

    Union Square Ventures

    915 Broadway 19th floor
    New York, NY

    Tue, February 21st, 2012

    7:00 pm - 8:45 pm EST

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Kareem Amin

Director of Product Engineering @ Sailthru + Frame
Co-founder @ The Shared Web and Frame - Techstars Company Program Manger @ Microsoft Electrical Engineer/Physics @ McGill University
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