Feed the Robots: SEO from the Ground Up

, Co-Founder at Bomoda and Snooth, CTO

Google and other search engines can account for a huge portion of your sites' traffic, but if your site is not properly optimized for these search engines you can miss out on thousands, or even millions, of visitors. SEO, while a tricky and mysterious field, can be critical to the success of your business.

This class will start with by covering the fundamentals of SEO and common terms, but will quickly move on to concrete steps you can take in both the short and long term to improve the ranking of your sites. We will then evaluate a number of websites to highlight common mistakes and areas for improvement as well as best practices and succesful SEO tactics. Brave students are welcome to volunteer their own sites to be audited during the class.

This class is suited for non-technical as well as technical audiences, and we will delve into whichever areas the class is most interested in.

  • Feed the Robots: SEO from the Ground Up


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Mark Angelillo

Co-Founder at Bomoda and Snooth, CTO

Mark Angelillo is the co-founder of Bomoda, a world-class newsletter for Chinese retail tourists and fashionistas and Snooth, the world's largest and most comprehensive online wine destination. Mark has learned a lot about SEO while growing these two companies.

Snooth has a #1 or first-page ranking on Google for thousands of wines and wine related keywords. On an average day, the Google robot loads over half a million pages on Snooth.

Having launched in April 2012, Bomoda is already gaining traction with the engines, and has allowed Mark to improve his knowledge of global SEO, adding Baidu to his list of conquests.

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