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This class will be a two-hour session to help entrepreneurs and business owners understand how to use Facebook for business. The goal is for students to leave knowing how to build a community for their business using Facebook.

This class will include many case studies and in-depth Q&A. I'll talk about Facebook pages. I'll explain the difference between Facebook profiles, Facebook pages and Facebook groups. I'll also touch how Facebook is used with other social web sites like location check-in sites, review sites and deal sites.  Also, it's just been announced: Facebook pages will get the timeline at the end of March! Oh, fun!

I'll have a lesson plan and handouts for the class. You really don't need to bring a laptop or tablet. However, as a co-working space, Hub does have wifi.

The format of the course will be a combination of lecture and discussion. I'll explain some basics along with the case studies. Questions are encouraged because if you have that question probably a few other people are wondering the same thing.

You'll leave being more confident in your abilities to promote your business and build an enthusiatic community on Facebook.

This course will touch on the basics, but it's assumed that you don't need Social Media 101.

All that's needed is a desire to learn more about how to manage your business presence on Facebook. Ideally, you're already on the site and have some experience with it. Ideally, you're considering a FB page or already have one.

Regina Walton

Queen Bee, Organic Social Media

I'm a freelance social media consultant. I started off as a blogger when I lived abroad in Seoul, South Korea and realized that to get people to my blog, I had to master the social web. That got me a newspaper column with a press pass and led to many freelance writing assignments. It also led to me joining a few team blogs.

When I moved back to the States in 2009, I realized there was a market for people with my skills. That's how I became a freelancer. I've also taught computer courses to seniors in NYC.

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