Excel Workshop - DonorsChoose.org ONLY (Not Open to the Public!)

, President of Shir Consulting

This free workshop is offered exclusively for DonorsChoose.org members and is NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. All that I ask is that you leave me feedback/endorsements if you find it valuable. Sound fair?

Due to popular demand, the topic will be PIVOT TABLES.

In this 1 hour class you will learn:

  • The 5 basic elements of Pivot Tables
  • 5 Reasons why NOT using Pivot Tables will cost you dearly
  • 5 Specific examples of when to use Pivot Tables
  • 5 Key benefits of using Pivot Tables
  • 5 Simple steps to creating your own Pivot Table (in under 5 minutes)

Everyone will receive an email requesting you to participate in my one-of-a-kind collaborative Excel project. It takes less than 5 minutes and although it is optional, the more people participate the more fun it will be. In the end everyone will walk away with their own copy of the project. We'll also be using it in class, so please complete it as soon as possible if you want to be included in the project.

This class is designed for people who have a basic understanding of Excel, but have never used or fully understood Pivot Tables. To brush up on the fundamentals, check out my 29 free Excel video tutorials at http://shirconsulting.com. Please note: a laptop is not required for this class.
  • Excel Workshop - DonorsChoose.org ONLY (Not Open to the Public!)


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Shir Aviv

President of Shir Consulting

I'm the president of Shir Consulting, where we focus on helping small businesses uncover enormous hidden wealth by leveraging their existing resources in new and innovative ways. I am also the Marketing & Analytics Advisor for the New York Technology Council. Recently I have been featured as the Microsoft Excel Expert on Howcast.com, and for the past 2 years I have been a computer tutor on Wyzant.com.

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