EarShell: from single artwork to multiple design object

, Interactive Artist

EarShell is an interactive art work by Eric Forman - a small disc cut from a birch tree magically plays sounds of the forest when held up to the ear – wind blowing through trees, leaves crunching, birds chirping. A mysterious narrative unfolds as you listen, and stops when put down, waiting to be picked up again. A 19th century engraving of the inner ear is etched on its face; the cochlea is often noted for its similarity to a seashell, but here the memory of the forest is heard instead of the ocean. Hidden inside are electronics, a speaker, sensors, and a battery. Eric Forman will reveal how the technology works, describe his design process, and discuss the transition to mass manufacture using PCB production, CNC milling, and laser etching.

  • EarShell: from single artwork to multiple design object


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Eric Forman

Interactive Artist

Eric Forman is a New York-based artist working with interactive installations and responsive sculpture. His work crosses boundaries between fine art, design, biology, and robotics. It does not cynically deny us the magic and delight of the new, yet underneath lies our uneasy fascination with the uncertain present of human and technological co-evolution. Eric currently teaches in the RISD Digital+Media MFA program, heads the new media consultancy Klank Studios, and is the co-founder of the collective BioArt NY.  Eric received his masters from ITP/NYU in 2002 and his BA from Vassar College in 1995 where he wrote on the philosophical ramifications of technology.

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