Do More, Stress Less

, Aspiring polymath, raconteur & gamer

You have ambitious personal and professional goals. You have plenty to do and not enough time to do it. Let's learn how to do more. In this class, I hope to give a crash course in the basic principles of productivity such as focus, automation, and organization. In addition, I will cover some specific tools for maximizing peace of mind while getting things done such as Inbox Zero, the Pomodoro Technique, etc. Students will come away with an actionable set of recommendations, as well as a list of resources for students to look at on their own. All you have to bring is yourself, a pen and some paper!
  • Do More, Stress Less


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Ryan Cohen

Aspiring polymath, raconteur & gamer
I am an avid technology nerd with a special place in my heart for To Do lists, Lifehacker and Tim Ferriss. The tools I use to stay organized and focused have allowed me stay on top of an intensive MBA program with a 3.7 GPA, build a stellar credit rating, and go to bed most nights knowing that I'm on track to achieving my personal and professional goals.
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