Digital Modeling 101 with Google Sketchup

In Digital Modeling 101 with Google Sketchup, students will learn to understand nomenclature relating to defining our physical world, including defining points, lines, planes and curves, while using the free Google Sketchup program.

Students will also learn measuring skills that will allow them to take physical measurements of objects and transfer them to Google Sketchup. This will include maintaining paralellism, perpinidicularity and square on objects and in digital model.

Information learned will allow the user to develop architectural or mechanical models and export them to formats usable by 3D printing companies or architecture firms. Some conversation will be had on specification for laser cutting, machining, routing, etc.

Class Requirements: All students will need a laptop and the newest version of Google Sketchup. This can be downloaded for free at Please spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the program. A three button mouse or trackball is recommended.

  • Digital Modeling 101 with Google Sketchup


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Joshua Johnson

I have been using Google Sketchup since it was first developed and have worked in the Architectural and Mechanical design fields in management and fabrication.

Google Sketchup is a program I use on a daily basis, despite being harassed by those using much more expensive software.
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