Data Visualization For Your Everyday Life: Data Presentation 101

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Learn tricks, tips, and the biggest things to avoid when displaying and presenting data to the non-data saavy.

Whether you need to gloss over some numbers in a PowerPoint to the bossman(woman), or you want to make gorgeous graphs and tables that state your case and uncover your insights. This class will give you the basics around creating high impact ways to discuss and show others statistics that everyone will understand. 

We'll talk about what numbers really mean in an environment where students are free to just follow along or work on a sample data set to produce stunning visualizations.

This class is most helpful for people who understand basic Excel functions and formulas.
  • Data Visualization For Your Everyday Life: Data Presentation 101

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    The lecture portion of the class we will cover the major dos and don'ts of data visualization while focusing on how to find and display the highlights. While we live in a world of infographics, many don't actually contain real visualizations of the data they discuss.

    We'll talk about what numbers mean, and review tips for digging into the real meat of the issue you want to focus on.

    The second half of the class will be a on hands-on application during which students can follow along and participate. Using a sample data set one might use as the basis for a discussion with a client, colleague, or friends (if they are into that sort of thing), we'll use Excel and Keynote to create mock slides to tell a story. The data set will be provided to all students via e-mail the night before if they would prefer to download and work through themselves. Bringing a laptop along is strongly suggested.

    We'll close with a Q&A session to cover additional topics of interest, and students should leave feeling empowered by their new data viz skills.

    Tue, November 13th, 2012

    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EST

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Kendra Clarke

Data Science & Information Design - nLytics

A former middle school math teacher, Kendra is the Director of Analytics & Data Design for The JAR Group, a Brooklyn digital marketing agency, and the VP of Data Science for an analytics and visualization startup.

When not explaining to advertisers the difference between unique site visitors and new visits, she writes and builds beautiful data displays that aspire to be easily understood and interpreted. Some of her work and writing can be found here (on her personal website), or should you prefer her in 140 characters or less- she's @maybeimkansas.

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