Creating a Basic Informational Site in Drupal - A Six-Week Class

, Web Developer at 10K Webdesign

Course length:
6 weeks

Weekly presentation with step-by-step instructions.
Forum-based question-and-answer available during the week.


  • Required: Web hosting "SH-100" package from Nexcess for testing purposes.
  • Familiarity with Web-based data entry forms.
  • Existing website (including domain and hosting) or desire to create new one.

Access: All course materials, conference followup, and homework will be available for review by course participants online. Please note that this is a content-heavy course that requires follow up each week.

Outcomes: Class participants will learn basics of Drupal implementation and social media integration. At the end of the course, each participant will have a hosted Drupal website with customized views, content types, limited modules, and a downloaded theme. Participants will also have a number of social networking links to begin promoting in tandem with their website.

Course uses the Acquia Drupal distribution.

All participants receive an e-version of both "Fifty-one Ways to Build your Community of Clients Online" and "Social Networking for Women in Business".

Course Details

Class 1
Overview of Course.
Basics of Drupal.
Domain and Hosting.
Drupal vs. Joomla vs. Wordpress.
File Transfer Protocol.
Website Specifications Document.
Question and Answer period.

Demo: Create database. Download Acquia distribution. Upload to host using FTP. Initial installation.

Class 2
Review of Modules.
Review of Themes.
Review of Content Types.
Review of Menus.
Review of sample pages.
Question and Answer period.

Homework: Create first round of content and menus. Create custom Content Type. Create custom View. Create Blocks.

Class 3
Organizing data.
Review of users.
Community-building on your Drupal site.
Review of Roles and Permissions.
Question and Answer period.

Homework: Create custom roles. Continue finalizing overall website specifications.

Class 4
Testing Data.
Documenting your site.
Question and Answer period.

Homework: Find and implement custom modules, as needed, based on instructor feedback.
Set up initial social networking links, e.g. Facebook Fans page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Posterous, etc.

Class 5
Padding out content.
Integrating with Social Media tools.
RSS Feeds.
Question and Answer period.

Homework: Set up Mollom and Google Analytics. Set up additional social networking services if needed.

Class 6
Finalizing your site.
Preparing for Launch.
XML Sitemap/Search Engine Optimization.
Followup planning and updates.
Question and Answer period.

Homework: Demonstrate follow-up and maintenance plan for your website.

We offer forum-based support for course participants on how to best approach the next phase of your website, including marketing, content creation, recruiting members, and additional ideas on how to increase your communication through the website.

  • Creating a Basic Informational Site in Drupal - A Six-Week Class


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Monica Flores

Web Developer at 10K Webdesign

Monica S. Flores has been principal web developer since 2004 at 10K Webdesign - serving green businesses, progressive organizations, & women entrepreneurs, with a focus on fair trade, organic, holistic, sustainable, triple bottom line websites. As an active web developer and Drupal specialist, Monica has served as lead or secondary developer, coder, and themer on over 225 websites. She created her first website in 1999. Through her company, 10K Webdesign, she offers ongoing training, consulting, and full-service web design and development to public agencies, nonprofits, minority women in business, and green and progressive organizations.

Flores has provided instruction at: DrupalCampHawaii, Podcamp Hawaii, Young Women Social Entrepreneurs, and Young Nonprofit Professionals Network

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