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, Hybrid Developer (@ Carrot Creative)

This is a FREE CLASS - do not register unless you can be there in person. ($1 charge to prevent no-shows, goes toward buying donuts).

Code & Craft is a flexible class, offered free about once a month. All classes are geared for beginners, and can be the basics of design, programming, or front-end.


This particular class is an intro to programming with javascript - click the 'schedule' tab for details. This course will eventually expand to be a 4 or 5 class intensive over a period of one week covering everything from design to deployment of a professional quality web app.


Please follow me to stay up-to date on this class and other classes I'm teaching! Topics I'm interested in include advanced css3, Ruby on Rails, responsive design, and UX, there may be advanced classes on any of these topics in the future.

No prior experience necessary.
  • Intro to Programming


    Coming soon...

    For those who have not programmed very much or at all, this class will be an introduction - the basics of programming and how to write code with javascript.


    Coming Soon...

Jeff Escalante

Hybrid Developer (@ Carrot Creative)

I took a strange path to where I am. I have a Neuroscience degree from Hamilton College, completely self-taught programming and web design, and I now work as a hybrid web developer at Carrot Creative.

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