CONVERSATION: Citizenship in the Global Supply Chain

From Fukushima to Foxconn, companies are being caught with their pants down when it comes to supply chains. But social networks make it possible to anticipate these risks by connecting all of the stakeholders, from farms and factories to retail consumers. Interconnected supply chains bring a new level of accountability to companies and consumers alike. This talk will cover important issues facing supply chains, from local food and fair trade cotton to electronics and aerospace, and expose some of the opportunities and responsibilities that come with our new citizenship in the global supply chain.

  • Citizenship in the Global Supply Chain


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Leonardo Bonanni

Dr. Leonardo Bonanni is the Founder and CEO of the first platform for supply chain transparency. Companies and consumers use the free website to see how products are made, including the social and environmental risks. Behind the website is an enterprise social network connecting suppliers so that – one day soon – you’ll be able to scan a product on a store shelf and know exactly who made it.
Leo is one of Businessweek’s “America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs 2012” and among Ethisphere’s “100 Most Influential People in Business Ethics” (2011). He has a PhD from the MIT Media Lab, two Masters’ from MIT and a Bachelor’s from Columbia, and taught sustainable product design at Parsons and MIT.

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