Building a Model: Spreadsheets 201 (Excel and Google)

, Director of Community @ FirstMark Capital

Spreadsheets can combine user-selected inputs with raw data to create powerful, dynamic models for pricing, forecasting, finance, and so on. Learning how to create these models, however, is not always straightforward. This class will teach you how to create a flexible, attractive model in a spreadsheet.

Who is this class for? This class is designed for people who know some advanced spreadsheet features ("IF" tests and the "SUM" function, for example), but want to take that knowledge to the next level to create dynamic, flexible models. If you're looking for an introductory class, check out this Spreadsheets 101 class. Note: if you don't know how to use an IF test, I recommend you take the 101 and 201 classes in sequence.

What will I learn?

  • Instantly navigate thousands of rows of data without a mouse. No more watching the paint dry as you're scrolling... scrolling... scrolling...
  • Create text, numeric, or drop-down inputs that allow users to modify key parameters of a model.
  • Combine user-selected inputs, raw data, mathematical operations, and charting features to create an attractive, visual model.
  • Find out how to anchor formulas, how to build array formulas, and how you can use the two to produce models that will blow your mind.
  • Learn best practices for building a model from the ground up -- best practices that apply regardless of what kind of model you're building.

What should I bring? The class is structured as an interactive tutorial, so please bring a laptop, your sense of humor, and any questions you have. I will email you a spreadsheet in advance of the class. Although I'll be using Excel to teach, you can use either of Google Docs or Excel for the class.

  • Building a Model: Spreadsheets 201 (Excel and Google)

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Dan Kozikowski

Director of Community @ FirstMark Capital

I’m the Director of Community at FirstMark Capital. I’ve taught nearly 400 students on Skillshare and am a Master Teacher, a distinction which only a small group of teachers have. My class topics range from SQL intro classes to workshops on learning to code in 120 minutes. You can read my 100+ student endorsements here. I taught myself to code in high school, then majored in computer science (and TA'd intro to CS) in college. Then I forgot most of it. Then I started coding again and got most of it back. Also, I love to teach.

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