Building Websites 101: Basic HTML + CSS

Why this class:
After speaking with friends and colleagues, browsing the internet, and looking through the comments on some of the more advanced Skillshare classes I've noticed there's a real need for a class that describes the basics of how HTML and CSS go hand in hand in creating the internet as we know it today.

This is a ground floor class - I'll teach you the basics.

What you'll learn:
✔ Website basics.
✔ Introductory HTML.
✔ We'll break down a basic website into its parts.
✔ After we break it down we'll build our own website back up using the same parts.
✔ Introductory CSS.
✔ We'll then move through our website styling all the elements as we go using to bottom.
✔ Publishing your website to the internet.
✔ Tips & Tools for further learning.
✔ Q&A till you're blue in the face =)

What you'll need:
• A laptop.
• A plain text editor - Notepad on Windows works well and Text Wrangler is a good option for Mac users.
• A web browser..Chrome or Firefox would be preferable.

  • Building Websites 101: Basic HTML + CSS


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Reece R.

"Hi, I'm Reece....I'll be your Skillsharer today!" I've been building websites for over 10 years and its something I'm quite passionate about. I'm currently a Front-End Developer, rather simply that means I program HTML + CSS + JavaScript, for a great SaaS company called Buddy Media. Everyday I wake up and crank out websites for Fortune 500 companies.

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