Building Vibrant Developer Communities

, Exploding the NYC tech scene

This class is for non-technical people, developers, designers, product & community managers, and everyone in between.

A strong developer community is crucial to creating a successful platform. And building and managing the developer community is an effort that has big, far-reaching payoffs. It will help improve your product, add to your marketing strategy, and even replace some of your business development efforts.

In this class, we'll share some lessons from Spotify, SimpleGeo and more to discover the best ways to:

  • Accelerate the adoption of your API
  • Generate useful resources for your developers
  • Gather valuable product feedback
  • Advocate within your organization on behalf of third-party developers

This class will be largely conversational, so please feel free to bring any challenges you're facing and we'll brainstorm ways to achieve your goals.

There will be refreshments (beer, soda, water) and snacks. Excited to see you!

If you have any questions/concerns, email me [email protected].

Andrew Mager

Exploding the NYC tech scene
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