Bringing In The $$ - What Investors Want In Pitches

, Principal / Flybridge Capital Partners

You have a startup and are working on the next big idea. The only thing that separates you from greatness (and Mark Zuckerberg) are a few zeros in your bankaccount to get things off the ground.

In this class we'll review what exactly venture investors are looking for when they evaluate pitches. From what to include in an introductory email to what to present in your first face to face meeting, this class will provide a framework for speaking to investors and getting them engaged with your business. You'll get the inside scoop on what goes on in the mind of a VC.

The session will run about an hour with plenty of time for Q&A over a beer or two (provided and paid for by your ticket fee).

Optional Homework: If you have a pitch deck or overview you would like me to review and are willing to be an example during class, please send it over in advance. Message me on Twitter at @witheiler to get my email.

  • Bringing In The $$ - What Investors Want In Pitches


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Matthew Witheiler

Principal / Flybridge Capital Partners
Matt is a Principal at Flybridge Capital Partners whose investment interests and experience broadly cover companies and technologies across the information technology sector including financial technology, digital media, semiconductors.

Matt currently represents Flybridge Capital Partners on the boards of Convoke Systems and Ready Financial and serves as an observer on the boards of DataXu and Sand 9. He also sits on the board of The Capital Network and is a Founding Executive Committee Member of First Growth Venture Network, a network of venture and angel investors supporting first and second time entrepreneurs building exciting companies in the New York area.

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