Blogging Made Simple

Blogging isn't as hard as it's made out to be, but there are a few hurdles that dissuade many would-be bloggers. This class will go over these different points, which include SEO, social media, avoiding legal trouble, customizing your blog, and a few others.

This class will be based mainly around blogging with Wordpress, but many of the principles apply to blogging through any platform. If you don’t currently have a blog, I encourage you to start one ( before the class to get a basic feel, and if you have any questions afterwards, I can take some time to help.

The class will cover five main topics:

  1. Getting Started: We’ll cover how to change a blog’s theme, set up its menus, create categories, and how to use some of the other features.
  2. SEO (search engine optimization): We’ll go over what will make your site rank higher, what will make you invisible, and what could potentially cause harm to your rank (like Black Hat SEO). This will include the basics of Google’s different search algorithms and how to register your website with different search engines.
  3. Social Media: This goes beyond just Twitter and Facebook. We’ll cover what type of content (and headlines) certain Web communities look for and how to engage these different outlets.
  4. Professional Blogging: You can make money by blogging, but to do this you need to write every day, engage your readers, and know how to use Google Adsense. We’ll cover the basics of this.
  5. Not Getting Sued: It’s important to know what content you can use freely and what you need to pay for. There are businesses based solely around suing websites (mainly bloggers) for copyright violation. We’ll go over what you can use, what you can’t use, and how to tell the difference.
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