Blogging 101: Find Your Voice, Build Readership, and Profit

, Full-time marketer, Part-time blogger & lifehacker

Starting a blog is an incredible way to express your passion. You become involved in a vast network of enthusiasts and can even make money from your passion.Whether you're after profit, personal branding or just a fun way to express your passion, having the proper know-how is crucial as you grow your blog and your readership.

Blogging takes time, but by hitting the ground running, you will find success reaching you much quicker. What are these steps? Here are a few of the steps you'll learn how to do effectively from this course:

a) How to write content that creates curiosity (but is also Google-friendly)

b) How to make it as easy as possible for people to share your content

c) How to properly set up and position a mailing list for your blog (so you can monetize and/or build loyalty amongst your readers)

d) How to avoid the dreaded "burn-out" (aka - losing your passion and/or being unable to keep up with the demands of regular blogging). The most successful bloggers are those who maintain their passion, post after post.

All you need to get the most from this class is a basic knowledge of what a blog is and at least one topic that you'd be interested in blogging about.

Jonathan Guerrera

Full-time marketer, Part-time blogger & lifehacker

I have been blogging for three years now ( In that time period, I've monetized my blog (nothing fancy.. just enough to pay the web hosting costs and buy myself something nice :] ), have been invited to talk about my content at a conference and have experimented with various forms of monetization.

I also work full-time doing online marketing for a tech start-up (, so I'm well-versed in marketing strategy.

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