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"Shir is a virtuoso teacher who makes Excel spreadsheets feel like a life-changing tool." - Charles B. (Founder & CEO,

"The best Excel class I've ever taken and the first time I was able to apply newly taught skills the next day at work. I've saved HOURS thank to Shir!" - Michele O. (SVP Finance, Unified)

"Think of Shir as Obi Wan Kenobi, Excel is the Force, and you get to be Luke. Pretty cool for an evening!" - Georges J. (Master Teacher, Skillshare)


If you have no interest in becoming an Excel genius, close this window immediately and go back to checking your Facebook page for the next 45 minutes (it's okay...I've already done it today).

However, if the thought of flying through spreadsheets with Jedi-like precision causes you to drool on your desk with excitement, then read on.

First let me ask you this...

  • What would you do with an extra hour every day? How much more would you accomplish?
  • How would it feel to walk into your boss's office on a Friday afternoon and hand in a report that makes her jaw drop to the floor with amazement?
  • What would it be like to have all your co-workers going out of their way to recommend you for a promotion because of all the time you saved them?

Believe it or not, that is precisely what I have helped dozens of my previous students achieve. But only those that actually applied what they learned in my classes.

Here's how it works...

In this 2 hour class, I will build an Excel spreadsheet in real-time based on student input. I will walk you through each step visually and verbally, explaining exactly what I'm doing as I'm doing it.

Think of it as the exact opposite of the character "Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy" from Saturday Night Live.

Pretty unhelpful guy, right?

Now that you know what NOT to expect, let me give you a better idea of the kinds of spreadsheets we will create in class:

  • A personal finance tool to analyze your monthly spending, organize your finances for tax season, and create automatic savings plans.
  • An email marketing campaign analysis to optimize open rates, click rates, and conversion rates by testing different subject lines as well as send times.
  • A diet/workout log to help set fitness goals, measure your progress, and generate automatic weekly updates to stay motivated.

The real benefit of class however, will not come from the specific tool we create (although, everyone will receive a copy of it the next day).

Instead, it will come from the fool-proof system behind creating your own data tool on any subject in the future.

Think of it as "Grandpa Shir's Secret Recipe for a Productive Life." Sounds like a great cookbook, doesn't it?

Have I whetted your appetite for Excel yet? Are you still drooling with excitement?

Awesome. Go grab yourself a towel and let's wrap this up...

No matter which tool we create, we will cover the following Excel topics:

  • Planning your spreadsheet (5 minutes of planning can save you 30 min to 30 hours of work)
  • Commonly used formulas & functions (including IF Statements and VLOOKUPs)
  • Conditional formatting
  • Time-saving keyboard shortcuts
  • Tables & charts
  • Sorting & filtering
  • Introduction to pivot tables
  • How to find help topics and other resources

To sum it up...

If you don't leave the class with an uncontrollable urge to shout from the rooftop "Excel Rocks!" then something has gone horribly wrong and I will have to do some serious soul searching.

Then again, Excel really isn't for everybody, which brings me to my 100% money-back guarantee...

Attend all 2 hours of the class, and if you don't love it (for ANY reason) send me a single email, tell me how I can improve the class, and I'll refund ALL of your money. I'll even cover the Skillshare and PayPal fees, and we'll still part as friends.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me directly at [email protected] I respond to every single email personally.

See you behind the curtain!



This class is designed for intermediate - advanced Excel users. If you use Excel every day and are looking for ways to turbo-charge your productivity and efficiency, this class is perfect for you. If you've never touched a spreadsheet before, this is NOT FOR YOU!

Either way, everyone who enrolls in this class must watch the following video: Absolute Vs. Relative Formulas

If you have no idea what's going on in this video, or feel overwhelmed, I recommend that you DO NOT enroll in this class.

Instead, I suggest watching all 29 FREE tutorial videos that I produced with Howcast

After watching the videos, the next class you should take is my Excel Foundations: Analyze the Past & Control the Future class.

Please note: You do NOT need a laptop for this class. I actually advise against trying to follow along on your computer, since I found it to be a distraction in most cases. Plus, I will send you the spreadsheet we create in class afterwards anyway. Simply bring something to take notes with.

Cancellation Policy:

  • If you absolutely have to cancel or reschedule a class, you must do so more than 48 hours before the class. Anything less than that does not provide enough time to fill your seat, and therefore is NOT ELIGIBLE for credit or a refund.
  • Cancellations more than 48 hours in advance can receive refunds (minus the Skillshare and Paypal fees) or get credit towards a future class.


Using Excel for financial models? I highly recommend Taylor Davidson's Financial Model class. He is an excellent instructor with tons of experience making financial models. Everyone also gets a ready-to-use template as part of the enrollment fee. Use discount code SHIR20 for 20% off.

When you're ready to translate your new Excel skills into actionable business analysis, I recommend Cassie Lancellotti-Young's Introduction to Cohort Analysis class; you can use the code SHIR15 to receive a $15 discount.

ALL ENROLLED STUDENTS MUST WATCH THE FOLLOWING VIDEO on "Absolute Vs. Relative Formulas:" I highly recommend checking out the rest of the FREE video tutorials in that playlist (29 total).
  • Behind the Curtain: Excel Secrets Revealed

    Morpheus Media

    127 West 26th St., 6th Floor Between 6th & 7th Ave.
    New York, NY

    Topics covered:

    • Planning your spreadsheet (5 minutes of planning can save you 30 min to 30 hours of work)
    • Commonly used formulas & functions (including IF Statements and VLOOKUPs)
    • Conditional formatting
    • Time-saving keyboard shortcuts
    • Tables & charts
    • Sorting & filtering
    • Introduction to pivot tables
    • How to find help topics and other resources
    Wed, October 10th, 2012

    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EDT

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Shir Aviv

President of Shir Consulting

Shir is the president of Shir Consulting, which helps small businesses use their existing data to uncover previously hidden insights & opportunities. He is also the former Marketing & Analytics Advisor for the New York Technology Council, has been featured as the Microsoft Excel Expert on, and has taught Excel classes at General Assembly.

When not tweaking spreadsheets, Shir can be found dancing Argentine Tango in NYC's vibrant Tango scene. He holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Vermont.

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