Beginners Website Development for Students 10 - 15

, Founder of TekStudy - Tech Education for Students

What You Will Learn:
  • Explore how the internet and websites work and discuss the technology that drive popular websites like FaceBook and Amazon.
  • Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - the basic building blocks of static websites
  • Code in HTML and CSS to produce your own sites
  • Learn the basics of JavaScript in order to add an enhanced user experience to your sites

What you'll need:
  • Beginners Website Development for Students 10 - 15


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Txikia Hernandez-Morales

Founder of TekStudy - Tech Education for Students

Txikia Hernandez studied Computer Engineering at the University of Florida and worked as a software and telecommunications engineer for his own software development company and internationally for at&t mobility for over 10 years.

Recognizing a growing need for gifted, young students to be exposed to technology education prior to college, Txikia founded TekStudy - an after-school technology academy based in South Florida, dedicated to teaching students how to build websites and apps in an innovative way.

Following five core principles, TekStudy educates and motivates students to want to learn by:

  1. Small interactive group session in a fast paced, engaging teaching environment
  2. Relating lessons to real world experiences students can relate to and use in the future
  3. Hands on development related to the concepts being taught
  4. Promoting both competition and collaboration as methods of motivation
  5. Gamifying the learning experience by rewarding students for their accomplishments in the classroom

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