Becoming a JavaScript Ninja: The Basics

, Web Designer, Programmer, and Researcher

Are you equipped with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, but are caught off-guard by an occasional onclick attribute? Wondering what the text between those script tags means? Interested in making your static website a little more dynamic?

In this class you'll be introduced the basics of JavaScript, including topics like variables, conditional statements, functions, and alerts. We'll also explore interacting with the document to dynamically change portions of your webpage - like hiding or showing specific content, or modifying an element's style.

Coming into the class with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS will help you get the most out of it - but there will be a quick refresher at the beginning of the course.

Nikki Pfarr

Web Designer, Programmer, and Researcher

Nikki is a researcher at the technology design company Artefact, where she helps designers and developers understand how user needs can be addressed through thoughtful, simple design solutions.

Previously a UX Designer at Google, she has designed and developed user experiences for web-based products like Google Search, Experimental Search, and Custom Search Engine.

Nikki holds a Bachelor of Science from MIT, where she worked in the MIT Media Lab, and a Master's of Design from the Illinois Institute of Technology's Institute of Design.


Co-Teacher: Joshua Grochow

Josh completed his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Chicago, where he has taught introductory programming courses to students with a wide range of backgrounds. He holds a BS in Computer Science, a BS in Math, and a Master's of Engineering in Computer Science from MIT.

As a developer, Josh has worked on projects ranging from computational biology to Google ads to non-profit content management systems.

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