Become a CakePHP Ninja Apprentice

CakePHP lets you take your web development skills to the next level by providing faster web development, tools to help you with cron tasks and database management, and a suite of pre built plugins for integration and extra functionality.

Bring your computer - and an installation of CakePHP! - and follow along as we build a new CakePHP application live in the class. Knowledge of basic PHP is required as well as a basic understanding of OO programming.

Follow along as we build a simple issue tracker which will feature tagging, ajax autocompletion, and issue assignment.

Proceeds from the class will go to the venue - Pace University - and CakeSF.

CakePHP is a registered trademark of Cake Software Foundation, Inc.
  • Become a CakePHP Ninja Apprentice


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Jose Diaz-Gonzalez

CakePHP contributor. Author and maintainer of Speaker at CakeFest. CakePHP developer extraordinaire.
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