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Okay, I get it. Why teach an Excel course amid all the uber-cool, creative, interesting and life-hacky classes on Skillshare? Because as much as you hate it, using Excel is an ugly, harsh reality of working life. You might as well be good at it, because I can guarantee you, it'll make you look like a rockstar for being the only graphic designer / community manager / developer / sys admin / sales guy that can churn out spreadsheets like a McKinsey consultant.

This course assumes you know almost nothing and will cover the most practical and useful features of Excel. By the end of the class you will be comfortable with all types of functions (and their most popular uses), some basic data analysis tools, and how to make some pretty charts.

Requirements: BYO laptop (Mac or PC) with MS Excel (any version) installed
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Frank Wang


Frank Wang is a NYC based photographer, entrepreneur and coffee addict. His primary photographic specialties are portraiture, architecture, and avoiding paying $$$ for overpriced photo equipment. He is co-founder and partner at architectural and interior photography company Frame Photographics.

You can find Frank's portratraiture on his personal website, his architectural images at Frame Photographics and his travel and personal work on Instagram

About the Teaching Assistant:

Guido Gautsch is a professional educator and highly talented amateur photographer, musician, developer, beer-drinker, and soon-to-be father.  His photography can be found here and you can ping him on twitter.  Guido lives in Australia. 

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