Basics of Mobile Web App Development for Non-Programmers

, Operating Partner & Developer

"We need a mobile site ASAP!" is the cry you here all across the web.

This class will teach you the basics of mobile web app development using tools like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and jQueryMobile.

For this class, you will need a laptop. Additionally, you should download Filezilla and Sublime Text.

  • How HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery Work Together on the Mobile Web


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    We will explore the basics of creating a responsive website with CSS and HTML. We will also use jQuery to create special effects like cool page transitions and slider functionality.


    Coming Soon...

Mike De'Shazer

Operating Partner & Developer

Mike De'Shazer is the author of #App Factory, developer of two dozen apps and websites, founder of {c}0dEd, and the operating partner at 140 Ventures.

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