Basic Excel for Business 2007/2010

, "The most practical training in New York"

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  • Manual to keep w/ access to student files
  • Access to Online Video Training Tutorials (NEW!)
  • Free forum support for after class
  • Mousepad with shortcuts to keep
  • Hands on, goal based
  • Small Classes of 4 to 9 people
  • Fast NEW computers! (Windows w/ 8GB of ram or MacBook Pros)
  • Comfortable chairs, convenient location
  • Patient, Fun, Experienced Trainer
  • We provide coffee, tea, water

When you are finished with this class you will be able to:

  • Create and manipulate advanced charts
  • Understand how to manage Excel databases
  • Create complex formulas
  • Format text and numbers
  • Efficiently maneuver around Excel
  • Understand how to use any predefined functions
  • Feel confident when printing large spreadsheets

Examples of people who will benefit greatly from this class:

  • Those seeking to feel comfortable with most Excel office tasks
  • Those looking to interview for positions that require up to an intermediate level of Excel


  • Detailed reference sheet of everything covered
  • Multiple XLS and XLT examples for in class and after class
  • Shortcut sheet
  • Resource sheet

Excel Training Course Outline

Lesson 1
What you can do with Excel
Cell and Row structure
Creating an efficient Excel workspace
Quickly entering data using Auto-fill
Moving Data
Paste Special
Lesson 2
Creating formulas manually
Creating formulas using paste functions and auto functions
Understanding how to use hundreds of predefined functions
Lesson 3
Absolute References and why they are crucial to you
Solo Project
Monthly global allocation
Lesson 4- Formatting
Format types
Cell width and height
Merging cells
Lesson 5- Advanced Formatting
Custom formatting
Conditional Formatting
Lesson 6- Charting
Quick and dirty charting when you are in a rush
Advanced data series charting
Chart types and when to use them
Controlling every aspect of chart formatting such as color, axis scales, 3-D views, etc
Lesson 7- Databases
How to properly set up an Excel Database to ensure accurate information
Sorting the database
Freezing Rows for easy viewing
Solo Project
Database creating and sorting
Lesson 8- Printing
Setting print area
Using the Page Break Preview
Page Orientation
Repeating heading rows
Adding headers and footers to your printing area
Controlling the annoying “blank pages” and the “stray column” printing problem
Printing areas that are not next to each other
Lesson 9
Where to find answers to more complex Excel problems
Books we have found helpful


-Must feel comfortable with basic computer skills. It is crucial that you understand how to save and retrieve files without trouble. -No Excel experience is needed.
  • Basic Excel for Business 2007/2010

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    Wed, August 8th, 2012

    9:00 am - 4:00 pm EDT

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"The most practical training in New York"

Scott has performed professional graphic, web, and multimedia design in New York City since 1992, and has worked as a professional instructor since 1994.

As a designer, some of his former clients include: SPSS, Siegel+Gale, SECUDE, Oppenheimer Funds, The New York Public Library, The Girl Scouts of America, Calvin Klein, and Scholastic Books.

As an instructor, he has taught at many professional learning centers in New York City, including Future Media Concepts, and The Chubb Institute -- where he held the position as The Department Chair of Graphic and Multimedia Design until the school was sold in 2006. He was also instrumental, during his time at Open-i Media, in the creation of DoubleClick University.

Programs Scott teaches at NYIM include: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Dreamweaver, Wordpress, HTML/CSS, Flash, Acrobat, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Final Cut Pro, and Logic Pro.

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