Basic Arduino for Organic Life-Forms

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Greetings, human! Arduino is a cheap and tiny computer that can become anything from a robot's brain to a guitar pedal. We walk you through the basics of making cool stuff with Arduino - even if you've never written code or connected a component, you'll leave with a cool project, and learn how to start your own!

  • Set up Arduino, test it out, and learn what it can do
  • Goof around with lots of cool electronic components
  • Learn to modify programs, use other people's, and write your own. Yes, you can program!
  • Build, code, test, and bring home a working Light Theremin!
After the workshop ends, you can hang out with the MakerBar crew and get tips on your own projects and ideas.
YOU MUST BRING A LAPTOP TO PARTICIPATE. Arduino is not included - you must bring your own.
Bring your own Arduino Uno or Mega with USB cable, or purchase one at the workshop for $35. Admission price includes a goodie bag of components for you to keep.
This class doesn't involve any soldering, tools, etc. Please refrain from eating components before and during the workshop.
  • Basic Arduino for Organic Life-Forms


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Hoboken MakerBar, The Place for Incredible Project

Zack Freedman is a co-founder of the MakerBar hackerspace, an honors graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology, and an avid hardware hacker. He has used an Arduino to build a cyborg heads-up display, create a video game controlled by a baby doll, and broadcast his brain waves over Bluetooth. 

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