Ask A Geek: So You Don't Have To Bother Your Engineers

, Lead Developer @Hyperpublic

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to ask someone to explain a technical topic but didn't want to stop the entire conversation for other people involved?  Sometimes it can be frustrating as a non-technical person working in tech.

Understanding the high-level concept of a technical topic can spark business insights, foster better work dynamics, and really earn you some props from the technical folks.

This 2-hour session is designed to address those issues.  We'll walk through the technicalities of a simple web app, some back-end infrastructures, and answer whatever questions you have. By the end of the workshop you will know enough to surprise your engineering friends with some intelligent technical remarks!

This class will help you if you:

  • Wish to be a more active listener in technical discussions.
  • Deal with an out-sourced dev team.
  • Are sometimes intimidated about talking with engineers at work.
  • Or just want to learn more about how real-world software engineering works.


Q: Will there be beer?

A: Yes

A open mind, some humility, and an email account.
  • Ask A Geek: So You Don't Have To Bother Your Engineers


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Eric Tang

Lead Developer @Hyperpublic

Eric Tang was most recently the lead developer at Hyperpublic, a data platform for location information acquired by Groupon in Feb 2012.  Before that, he was a product manager + software engineer at Clickable.

Eric writes code mostly in Ruby and Java, although he would pick up javascript, Objective C or even a little Python when called upon.  He loves learning and teaching about technology, almost as much as he loves startups and lasagna.

Eric studied computer science, computer engineering and business administration at Carnegie Mellon University.


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