Arduino 101: Electronics for Artists and Hobbyists

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Arduinos are open-source microcontrollers that make electronics accessible to artists and hobbyists. Arduinos have caught the attention of DIY blogs such as Make Magazine because of their easy-to-learn platform and incredible versatility. Robots, electronic instruments, and animated LED displays are just a few examples of potential Arduino projects. This year I made an electronic xylophone using this microcontroller.

This course is designed for beginners who know little, if anything, about programming or electrical engineering. The class will be broken into three parts: key electronics concepts, understanding and programming Arduinos, and getting our hands dirty with sample projects.

Attendees should bring a laptop, and prior to the class, students should download Fritzing and the Arduino software

An Arduio, breadboard, and necessary components will be provided in the class.

  • Arduino 101: Electronics for Artists and Hobbyists


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