Addicted to the Game: Game Design for the Ad Industry

, Creative Director at Anomaly

“Been handling the game for so long, my thumb’s bruised.” - Lil’ Wayne


It's this year's hot subject. And for good reason: it's had a pretty major impact on digital across the board. From how we design interfaces to how we strategize participation, game design is here to stay for awhile.

In this class, I'm going to focus on how game design principles can improve strategy and creative for brands. To get to the point: 'Gamification' is not just badges and attaching points to everything. What we can learn from games could result in a substantial shift in how we in the advertising and marketing industry approach everything from creative to social media to CRM.

I grew up with games. I'm obsessed with trying to make more of them because everything should be more fun. But I also ended up in advertising. So I'm going to go over the basics of gamification, but more appropriately take a look at how game design can improve and affect our work in the Ad Industry.

All levels welcome. Creatives, Strategists, Account People, Interns to Dishwashers, I don't discriminate.

(Btw, I'm going to try to keep gaming puns to an absolute minimum if nobody minds. None of this "Level Up to the Bonus Stage of Brand Engagement!" ridiculousness. Keepin' it real, folks.)

  • Addicted to the Game: Game Design for the Ad Industry


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Stan Chin

Creative Director at Anomaly

For the last year, I've been very heavily involved as one of the project leads on an integrated game platform for Captain Morgan called Captain's Conquest. ( ) Captain's Conquest is a massively multiplayer mobile app (iOS and Android!) that links together location, battling for your city, brand narrative, and consumer engagement in a fun package. It's ambitious to say the least.

As for me I've held a lot of jobs in advertising, but for the last five years I've been at Anomaly (Named as one of the World's 50 Innovative Companies by Fast Company) with the occupation most recently of Creative Director across a number of key clients such as Nike Fuel and Diageo. But I'm also obsessed with trying to understand the behaviorial triggers that makes a person do one thing over another and have been increasingly involved in the field of game design. I've also won several shiny awards if you're into that.

If you're still concerned about my creds, for a brief time I was Top 10 in the World in competitive Warcraft 2. I'm happy to discuss any build order strategies to get Ogre Mages asap on the Garden of War map. Sorry, no, I will not play you in Starcraft 2 nor do I have any leet loot drops in Diablo to trade.

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