3D Printing & DIY Electronics

, director of community & evangelism at Adafruit

DIY 3D printing has escaped the pages of science fiction and the bounds of the high-end design & engineering firms to catch the imagination of makers, hackers, educators and journalists across the world. However, many of the practicioners taking up these devices lack the design skills and techniques to leverage a tool "that can make you anything you want." Matt will offer a short snapshot of new directions where the field is moving, and then shift into a hands-on interactive workshop where participants bring together the design practices of 3D printing and DIY electronics.

  • 3D Printing & DIY Electronics


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Matthew Griffin

director of community & evangelism at Adafruit

Matthew Griffin is Adafruit’s Director of Community Support and Evangelism. He has a long held passion for using technology to create art and document experiences, including a decade of experience supporting and collaborating with filmmakers (such as Godfrey Reggio, Steven Soderbergh, Michael Moore) and artists (such as Kara Walker, Monica Weiss, and Takeshi Murata).

Those who have ventured into the wild open seas of DIY 3D printing may have encountered him in his former position as MakerBot’s Community Manager, building the MakerBot and Thingiverse community one human+robot at a time since late 2009. Through this role helping to bring the disruptive upstart MakerBot to the world stage, Matthew Griffin became deeply familiar with the design practices of the 3D printing superstars he interacted with on a daily basis, and is currently writing a book on the subject for O'Reilly about this passionate community and the machines they’re building, expanding, and exploring.

As is an essential prerequisite for any technological undertaking, he has an MFA (Writing) from Columbia University School of the Arts. And he's eager to help you to execute wild, ambitious ideas in solid plastic.

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