Design Thinking for non-profits and the community

, Founder of TYTHEdesign

What is design thinking and how can it help you to better access, serve, and engage with your community?

The term ‘design thinking’ has become quite a catch phrase. You hear about companies using it to tackle challenges, meet the needs of customers, even re-brand whole countries. But what does it really mean and how can it help you and/or your organization?

Non-designers and designers alike will be introduced to the basics of practical design thinking and idea generation techniques that can be applied on a daily basis.  This workshop can benefit a range of individuals including entrepreneurs, non-profit professionals and/or someone looking to resolve challenges in their office or community. Whether you are starting something new or wish to approach a familiar situation with a fresh perspective, design thinking is a useful tool.

Through a series of dynamic hands-on (or minds-on) activities, we will brainstorm ideas, push them to their limits, and test them to determine the ones worth developing. Through this process you will learn how to advance your creative thinking and idea assessment skills to both resolve challenges and maximize daily opportunities.

Throughout this workshop, you will learn: 

  1. ‘How to’ do empathic research: listen and learn from your community.
  2. ‘How to’ facilitate brainstorming sessions: get new/innovative ideas from your collaborators and neighbors. 

  3. ‘How to’ narrow down your ideas: learn practical ways to make decisions.

This workshop is not a “quiet taking-notes” kind of class, everyone will be participating, coming up with ideas, and going through the techniques. You will walk away with a cheat-sheet to help you bring these techniques into your daily life.


This class is part of the STOREFRONT FOR LEARNING
221 E Broadway | Pushcart Coffee

“Storefront for Learning” will showcase a coffee shop turned into community classroom at night. Partnering with Pushcart Coffee, miLES is curating a set of workshops and classes that focuses on creative and educational agenda each night from May 1 - May 4 during the New Museum Ideas City Festival. 

miLES opens underused storefronts to new possibilities, with classes, events, co-working, and short-term space rentals. We work with residents, artists, businesses and landlords in the Lower East Side to identify, program and fill underused spaces and turn them into vibrant community hubs for working, learning, connecting, and starting up new projects. 

  • Design Thinking for non-profits and the community.

    Hive at 55

    55 Broad Street, 13F
    New York, NY

    Throughout this workshop, you will learn: 

    1. ‘How to’ do empathetic research: Empathetic research is similar to 'ethnographic research' - which is to gain a deep understanding of how people live their lives. This workshop will train you in some key methods for understanding your community and/or client so you can better serve them.

    2. ‘How to’ facilitate brainstorming sessions: Learn how to bring a range of individuals together to co-create solutions that better meet the needs of the community or people using your service or product.

    3. ‘How to’ narrow down your ideas: Learn how to narrow down to your strongest ideas without getting overwhelmed by the trappings of small details, costs and negativity.

    This workshop is not a quiet taking-notes kind of class. Instead, everyone participates, comes up with ideas, and practices the techniques. You will walk away with a cheat-sheet to help you integrate these techniques into your daily professional life. 

    Wed, October 5th, 2011

    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

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Kristina Drury

Founder of TYTHEdesign

I am a designer, educator and the founder of TYTHEdesign, a collaborative design consulting firm. TYTHEdesign partners with nonprofits, community-based organizations, and social ventures to help them work better, provide improved service, be more efficient, and increase the impact of their work. TYTHEdesign’s latest projects include the system and interior design of a low-income pediatric medical clinic, a life-skill training program for family shelters, print/web collateral material, an educational after-school program teaching life skills through community and entrepreneurship in the South Bronx and organizational products and system designs for a mobile soup kitchen.

Prior to starting TYTHEdesign, I worked as the NYC chapter head for Project H Design, a charitable organization focusing on product design for social change. While there, she was one of the lead designers of Learning Landscape, an educational active-learning playground installed all over the world, from Tanzania to Mexico, and also featured at Cooper Hewitt’s 2010 National Design Triennial.  Additionally, I served as the Assistant Director of the Pratt Design Incubator, working with clients such as UNESCO, WestElm, and Starbucks, as well as with a series of small non-profits and entrepreneurs.

Through my experience with all of these communities, I have learned that some of the best solutions come from using ‘design thinking’ techniques with a collaborative team. As a result, I hope to teach others how to use these techniques to help find solutions to their own challenges.

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    Hive at 55

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