Can a class teach you happiness? Yes.

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Average class rating:  9.59 / 10
(based on survey taken by ever single student who attended the class)

"I left feeling wonderful. I actively incorporated some of the skills I learned during this course and my base level of happiness has increased overall."
- Jennifer Hochstadt

"... a surprisingly practical and fun lesson."
- Sarah Levinson

"Sid leads a great, interactive discussion and backs up his easy-to-implement recommendations with a manageable dose of science & research."
- Viviane Sabat

100% money back guarantee explained below


Come to this relaxed session with Skillshare Master Teacher Sid Efromovich. In this class, Sid will lead you through a series of exercises, techniques and thought processes to maximize your happiness on a daily basis.

Rather than trying to provide you with a silver bullet, or give you a cookie cutter perspective, this class is more like a tool belt. It will provide you with a number of tools and mind-hacks that will allow you to cater everything you learn to your personality and preferences.

What to expect

  • Expect to leave the class with a over 10 different techniques and perspectives to increase your happiness.
  • Expect to take part in an upbeat class, with plenty of smiles and heart-warming experiences. 
  • Expect to be engaged in the class and to be asked to give the different ideas presented an honest chance. 
  • Expect to leave the class with optional homework. The more you do during and after the class, the more you will gain from it.


  • Come with a very open mind, and prepared to step outside your comfort zone. I consider this not only a prereq for the class, but also to live a happier and more comfortable life. 
  • Not participating in class will make the experience less enjoyable for you and your classmates, and I would refrain from signing up if participating seems too daunting. But don't worry, hesitation is welcome (and expected) and you will never be forced to do anything you are not comfortable with, I promise.

This is not:

  • A silver bullet. Some techniques will resonate with you more than others.

The guarantee

  • All these techniques and thought processes have been proven to increase people's general happiness and comfort level. If you try the techniques offered and none of them increase your happiness, you will receive a full refund - no questions asked.
  • Can a class teach you happiness? Yes.

    Starbucks - 81st and 2nd

    Starbucks - 81st and 2nd - 2nd Floor
    New York, NY

    Mon, October 8th, 2012

    6:30 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

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Sid Efromovich

the guy with the smile

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    Starbucks - 81st a...

    Starbucks - 81st an...

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