Apple to Jay-Z: Start Building a Multi-Billion Dollar Brand

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About the Class

"Mr. Berger presented a series of questions...including whether a company can build a brand without studies on Volvo, Apple, Google and Jay-Z, dissected each brands' elements, like the product sold, the brand's values, and tone of voice."- "Returning to Industry's Roots With Lessons in Branding," The New York Times

Everything is a brand today. From the obvious Apple and BMW to the less obvious Tiger Woods and Jay Z. Companies are brands, athletes are brands, entertainers are brands, venture capitalists are brands, even political parties are often referred to as brands.

In addition to winning every major advertising award, I’ve helped build some of the world's most valuable brands, including Intel (Intel Inside), Subway (Eat Fresh), and Volvo (For Life). After 25 years at my own company, I stepped down as Executive Chairman to pursue my personal passions and I co-founded The High School for Innovation in Advertising and Media.

This class will be especially helpful for people who work in any aspect of marketing and communications, college students majoring in marketing, as well as entrepreneurs who have founded companies. In fact, this class is applicable even if you’re focused inward on creating a personal brand.

This class will examine:

  1. what is a brand
  2. what are the key elements of a strong brand
  3. can you build a strong brand without spending a dollar on advertising
  4. why, in today's world, having a strong brand is arguably the single most important thing a company, or individual can have, to be successful. Including you.

We will use case studies to learn and discuss what makes some brands so powerful that they can overcome mistakes that would ruin weaker brands. 

The class will be based around a hands-on project that will utilize some of the initial tools you need to build a strong brand. You'll leave with the knowledge you need to convince others to eat, sleep, and breathe your brand. 

Class Award: I will select the best brand strategy/narrative and provide a one-hour consultation on how to make it better.

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Level: Beginner

School: Social Good

Related Subjects: Branding

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Class Project

Create a strategy and visual narrative for a brand

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About the Teacher

Ron Berger

Ron Berger

"Ron Berger is one of the great masters of brands. An opportunity to spend two evenings with him listening, watching, and working through case studies will be an invaluable investment ...

100% Positive Reviews

Ayitey BM

Ayitey BM

This was a great class. This is probably the best class I have ever taken on skill share, the most meaningful and immediately applicable to my company. I hope he offers a follow-on cla...

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