Canning 101: Learn How to Make your own Strawberry Jam

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Make your own batch of slammin' strawberry jam

About the Class

Presenting the Easiest Way to Make Your Own Slammin' Strawberry Jam: A Step-by-Step Guide
Preserving our own food is a timeless tradition that our ancestors took part in for many centuries. Not only did it enable them to enjoy fresh, nutritious food all year round, it became a time for family and friends to gather together. It's a shame that this tradition is becoming a lost art so I have made it my life's goal to pass on this wonderful knowledge. It's not intimidating or difficult - it just takes a bit of patience, love and practice. I know you will enjoy preserving and eating your creations as much as I do. Come join me!

Sign up for this course and you'll learn:

  • Basic canning concepts including definition of jams, chutneys and jellies.
  • How to make your own strawberry jam in your own kitchen.
  • How to make it your own - create your own recipe (substitute sugar and various herbs if you need to)!
  • How to do it safely and without any pesky botulism.
  • The secret tips that will help to make your jam come out perfectly.
  • My recommendations for how to thoroughly enjoy each bite!

This course includes:

  • Step-by-step videos of my jam-making process
  • Canning 101 Documents
  • Recipe samples
  • List of substitution possibilities
  • Additional resources

I’ve taught this workshop to thousands of students, many of whom have gone on to become trainers themselves and make their own products.

I also personally respond to any questions my students have, so there's no worry about getting overwhelmed. So sign up now!

More Information

It's made for total beginners - don't worry if you don't know how to boil water!

Level: Beginner

School: Sneaker Design

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  • 7 Video Lessons (15m)
  • 21 Students
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About the Teacher

Classie Parker

Classie Parker

Classie Parker has over 50 years of experience canning and gardening in NYC. Classie comes from a long line of canners - she watched her Grandma Emma can and cook for over 30 years.  I...