Upgrading your Camera

, Photographer | Harvard Teaching Fellow | Romotive

Are you hindered by your camera, or just looking to upgrade? The answer to "which camera should I buy" is not always simple.

The amount of choices can be overwhelming. This 30 minute seminar will introduce the breadth of the consumer camera market, and help you cut through the marketing-speak and techno-babble.

By the end of the class you will understand the technologies available at all budget levels, and the options that exist beyond a DSLR. Among other things, you will know why pixel density is more important than megapixels when choosing a camera, and what exactly you get if you pay thousands of dollars for a lens.

This class encourages Q&A, so come with your questions and indecisions and as a class we will help you find the right camera for your skillset and budget.

This class is taught right before the Fundamentals of Photography class in the same room.

  • Upgrading your Camera


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Kane Hsieh

Photographer | Harvard Teaching Fellow | Romotive

Lifelong marksman and hobby gunsmith. Father was a sharpshooter.

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