Shooting Animals: Modern Pet Photography

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Class Project

Photographing and Printing a 20" x 30" Pet Portrait

About the Class

Shooting Animals: Modern Pet Photography


In this class you will learn how to get beautiful and engaging pet portraits using natural light. We'll break the class down into fun project steps that will leave you with a brand new skill set you can use elsewhere in your photography endeavors. 

We will cover:

  • What Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO are
  • How to use Manual Mode on your DSLR to get the shallow depth of field (those buttery blurry backgrounds) in portraits 
  • How to approach animals and get and hold their attention
  • Shooting animals in available light and how to find it
  • Preparing images for print and very basic editing
  • Having a large format print made of your image at 20" x 30"!

We'll cover a lot and have a great time in the process.  Students who post their projects in the Student Gallery will get direct feedback from me and I am SUPER excited to see what you guys come up with!  :) 

More Information

Participants should have a DSLR Digital Camera with interchangeable lenses, but a point and shoot that has the ability to shoot in a Manual Mode will suffice, although your results will be limited. This class is NOT for iPhones or phone cameras. Also, participants will need an editing program such as Adobe Photoshop CS6 or CC or Adobe Elements 11, which will be taught in the class. A free 30 day trial is available via Adobe for both programs.

Level: Beginner

School: Photography

Related Subjects: Digital Photography, Pet Photography, Dslr

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  • 9 Video Lessons (1h 4m)
  • 14 Students
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About the Teacher

Amy Shutt

Amy Shutt


With over a decade of experience, Amy Shutt Photography specializes in pet, food, commercial and editorial photography in Baton Rouge, La and beyond. When I am not shooting in the stud...

100% Positive Reviews

Bre Brown

Bre Brown

Love to learn and enhance or learn new skills!

Amy does a great job of explaining the essentials of basic photography as well as providing real life examples for this class! The video lessons are short and concise yet provide ample...

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